Orlando School of Cultural Dance was established in 1989.  Our philosophy is that a positive self-image is essential for the total development of our children.  Since our inception, we having been training students from age three to adult.  It has been proven that the arts provide a channel through which our children can grow.  Orlando School of Cultural Dance has been a “Partner in Education” with many Orange County Schools since 1993.

Program Rational

The Cultural Arts Program will offer a unique opportunity for young people of all cultures to learn about the African/American culture by being exposed to the disciplines of dance, drum and martial arts.  Cultural awareness has always been a means of community building.  Coupled with the performing arts, this program will develop an appreciation for diversity in our youth.

Goals and Objectives

  • To enhance the knowledge of culture and the importance of self esteem as well as alternative expression and communication.
  • Provide a tool for prevention as well as alternative to drugs and alcohol abuse.
  • Provide alternative structured educational and recreational leisure time activities to all youth including at risk youth.
  • Provide an alternative to “latch-key” and provide a “keep busy” option available for our children.

This program is designed to provide a channel through which children can grow and develop socially, emotionally and culturally.  The arts is a proven vehicle used to build self-esteem.  This program has a proven track record of improving academic achievement as well as artistic development.

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